Recruiting CRM

Loxo’s revolutionary AI-powered Recruiting CRM is now free

The heart and soul and the most vital software any recruiting organization can possibly use is a Recruiting CRM. With Loxo, you can be confident that you have the very best Recruiting CRM available in the marketplace.

Become a hiring machine

Make more placements per recruiter

Loxo was designed to radically speed up workflow. With less steps required, innovative capabilities and an automatically updating database, recruiters are able to build higher quality talent pipelines and hire in record breaking time.

Free ATS and Recruiting CRM

Why pay good money for any ATS / CRM when you can get Loxo for free?

Loxo’s state-of-the-art Applicant Tracking System and Recruiting CRM is now available for free. Sounds too good to be true right? Well, it’s true.

Recruiting CRM

High-performance recruiting begins here. Your Recruiting CRM is the foundation for everything you do.

Build a talent database

Don’t start each search from scratch. As soon as you get the top 10% of talent into your database, your recruiters will become unstoppable.

Search your talent database

It won’t matter if you have the top 10% in your database if you can’t find them. Loxo’s Recruiting CRM offers the best search capabilities in the market.

Nurture your talent database

The best recruiting organizations build long-term relationships and hire top talent when the timing finally aligns for the perfect match.

Manage your workflow

The #1 job of a Recruiting CRM is to manage the recruiter's daily workflow. Loxo is so easy and effortless, your entire team will be breaking performance records.

Centralize activities and communications in one place

Track all activities and historical communications in one centralized place for your team.

Deals Pipeline and Sales CRM

Agencies have access to Loxo’s Deals and Sales CRM to manage all business development activities and forecast revenue in one software system.

High Performance Recruiting

High-performance recruiting is only possible if you have the right workflow

You can’t expect your recruiters to improve their performance if they are forced to use a legacy applicant tracking system and complete tasks the old way.

With Loxo’s Recruiting CRM, you get access to a better workflow and proven playbook that will quickly turn your recruiters into hiring machines.